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Basin Digest

JKPC, Inc, is pleased to introduce the Basin Digest a newsletter to keep you informed about horizontal activity in the Appalachian Basin. The Basin Digest will present primarily the tri-state area (OH, PA, and WV) providing (for each week of the month) permitting (by state, county, and operator), rig activity, and product pricing information. The monthly Digest will present the monthly permitting, product pricing information, and a summary of all wells in the Basin by state, county, and operator.

Most of the data for the Basin Digest will come from JKPC’s Appalachian Basin Database covering OH, PA, and WV. The database is based on state-reported data and Frac Focus data and includes all horizontal wells ranging in status from permitted to producing. Formations in the database include Burkett, Marcellus, and Utica.